Space knight

It’s been some time since I did a full scale Illustration – I was kind of curious how far I could go with an astronaut WIP the last days :D So people have no fear – space snek… knight is here! <3 (Original dimensions 45cm x 60cm, 300dpi)



Black King

So… Some years ago I painted this guy: king

Now I decided to give it another go… Here you go:


Pumpkin Concept

So… I believe this is the best I can manage right now… Due to my sickness still not a lot of updates, but nevertheless I’m pretty proud of this one :) I think I’m going to use this guy to work on a personal(?) project for now – until I get better :)

To be honest I had this character spooking in my head for a long time now – I think I’m finally satisfied with the design and also with the kind of style… The character has a story, I have no idea if I will be drawing it or not, but I will definitely draw some of the other chars too.