… loves you <3!


Pumpkin Concept

So… I believe this is the best I can manage right now… Due to my sickness still not a lot of updates, but nevertheless I’m pretty proud of this one :) I think I’m going to use this guy to work on a personal(?) project for now – until I get better :)

To be honest I had this character spooking in my head for a long time now – I think I’m finally satisfied with the design and also with the kind of style… The character has a story, I have no idea if I will be drawing it or not, but I will definitely draw some of the other chars too.


Two pictures I have both been working on during my lunchbreaks the last few days :3 Working with reference really makes life easier :D


Tiger and Bride

Two pictures from the last few days, before the globalgamejam started… Finished today ^^

There is a progress video of the tiger artwork, but since it’s late and I’m pretty tired I’m going to add the video later :)

Not feeling quite well the last few days/weeks… But nevertheless here is some stuff done in the current character design workshop.

Angel (of Tolerance)

The „tolerance“ is in brackets cause it’s n insider joke in our study group ;) Nevertheless, gave myself 2h on this one so a lot of things are left unfinished ;___;

Forest Deity

We had the task to finish this drawing. In the final image should be a forest deity riding on some kind of (fantasy) animal (with a forest background).