Finally finished my fanart of Emma from the Yakusoku no neverland manga – Love it – it’s soooo damn well written!



Calling this one finished for now… Not entirely happy how it turned out but the painting was a mess to begin with (when you look at the steps xD)…


Overwatch madness :D

video process over here: https://www.facebook.com/Enigmasystem.art/videos/532820770258705/


Have been playing a lot of Overwatch the last few days and decided to paint some fanart :3 Reaper is not my most played character (I play mostly Mercy :D) but I liked the idea of death in his characterdesign – so I painted him like a more old fashioned reaper :3 Hope you like it!

video progress here: https://www.facebook.com/Enigmasystem.art/videos/531281467079302/


Time for a fanart of a series I’ve been a fan of since the beginning – Ratchet&Clank! I just love the characters, the weapons, the gameplay – and I can’t wait to finally play the game (Europe release is the 20th of April)!


Just… Solaire :3 Do you even… praise the sun?


Just finished the 2011 anime of HunterXHunter and somehow I felt the urge to draw Killua :3