My entry for this month’s characterdesignchallenge on facebook: Gengen-Wer the egyptian, senile goose-god who stands for artistic expression :)! #cdc #cdchallenge


big creature update

Hey guys, I have been pretty busy lately (like always ^^‘) and had no time to upload anything .__. Sorry for that, but here is a bunch of scribbles and pictures I have worked on in the meantime :3


Terror Beneath

So… I don’t like to swim in lakes or open water. Simply because it’s freaking me out whenever something touches my feet and I just don’t know what it was ;___;




On an air mattress is everything ok – I think… But without… *shudder* #

Not many steps this time cause I had not the time to save them all v___v



Carnival Snake

A quick drawing of a quite colorful snake ôo Must be the influence of the people outside my door celebrating carnival…

First time I recorded the drawing so… hf :>