Student Project – f99

The second project, starting 2012, was a complete different theme since we wanted to do something more „serious“, creepy and dark. So the project f99 was born, a 3D horror-adventure. In the game the protagonist is pulled into another world which is kind of similiar to the „real“ world but twisted and dangerous. The protagonist has to protect a child which resembles his soul in the real world – so if the child dies it means game over for the player.

In this project I had kind of the similar task as in „chicken nuggets“ – I was responsible for the overall look of the game as well as monster concepts, environment concepts, menu setup in flash, texturing 3D-Models and managing the team with two other members. The team grew up to eleven members (chicken nuggets were 6 members) and I had the task to create and watch over the „art department“, meaning creating tasks and keeping an eye on the shedule.

Here are some images, and a short teaser!


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