Student Project – Chicken Nuggets

Our task, back in 2011 in our second semester was to create a 2D-Game. In our team we had the idea that it would be quite funny to do something with chicken!

The story: A long time ago in the year 1870. A chickenfarmer in Mexico City – his name was Sanchez Gutirrez. Sanchez story is a special one. Thanks to his chicken he earned a lot of fame. In the beginning he was a really poor chickenfarmer with no hope for a better future. Because of his misery he trained his chicken to steal valuable items. One sunny day his chicken „Tonto“ brought him an old map. He lightend the legendary torch. The signal for the chicken to steal. And so it began… The legendary journey of Sanchez el Fuego.

My task in the team was to kind of watch over the whole design process and be a reference guide for the artstyle. In the process I was also responsible for creating (frame to frame) animations, spritesheets, character and enemy concept art, level polishing and animating and putting toghether the intro/trailer in Adobe Flash. Here are some images I created for the game:



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