Rough Bird Teaser

Teaser artwork for our game-project we are working on. Since it’s a teaser I’m not going to talk about it and leave the interpretation to you guys  :D

If I made you curious about this project, please take a look at our team homepage, there is a lot of information there ;)

What is project Rough Bird?
Happy holidays everyone!



Random Project art and other stuff

Here is a small selection of artworks I did over the weekend and the last few days :3  Going to upload the video later ^^




Sooo… Here is a bunch of moodpaintings and concepts I have done over the last few days… For the new project :)! I have to test a lot of things to get the look right, so… None of them are final ^^ Hope you like it!


Creature Comp

Some concepts for our current project. Working titles: Shadow, Runner, Snapper, Exploder/Bomber. The last two are new since I have gone wild thinking about some new enemy types ^^

Bonedragon fin

Tomorrow is the deadline for our 3D-Test, and here is what I have done, my bonedragon. I had a lot of fun doing this one, despite the bugginess of Zbrush when you have to do the topology for your lowpoly model…