Art summary 2016

So here’s my art summary of 2016! This year has been kind of rough to me hopefully 2017 will be better :)





Going to publish some more sketches of mine here :)



Kiriban 45k for Dark-Arctic-Fox

Yeah, had not much time up until now. So I could finally finish this one :) 45k Kiriban for Dark-Arctic-Fox starring his OC Dark arctic fox :)

Hope you like it ^^


Just your normal… Whale teacher or cubicle worker something like that :>




Diablo 3 Contest

Had no time to post it since I moved to Munich due to my internship here… Also I didn’t have much time to draw anything besides this Diablo 3 fanart for the deviantArt contest :) Uploaded it to dA earlier since the deadline was due and now I have finally the time to post it here too ^^