My entry for this month’s characterdesignchallenge on facebook: Gengen-Wer the egyptian, senile goose-god who stands for artistic expression :)! #cdc #cdchallenge


Space knight

It’s been some time since I did a full scale Illustration – I was kind of curious how far I could go with an astronaut WIP the last days :D So people have no fear – space snek… knight is here! <3 (Original dimensions 45cm x 60cm, 300dpi)



Back in the comfort-zone sketching out more dark creatures :3


Finally able to post this one since it turned out to be a birthday present for a friend :3 This one went through a lot of stages, since I coudn’t decide on the pose/background.


Black Queen

Joining the ranks of my chess-inspired characters: the mighty black queen :3

Fem char

.. is going to kick your ass ;3


Just finished the 2011 anime of HunterXHunter and somehow I felt the urge to draw Killua :3