Day and Knight

Just finished some ideas that plopped into my mind :3 Projectname: Day and Knight!


24 games ‚til x-mas!

It’s that time of the year again – and again I’d like to present a small project of our team and me! We developed a small and free app for android devices where you can play 24 different games until it’s X-mas :)!

In Germany this kind of thing/tradition is called „Adventskalender“ and usually it’s a board with 24 doors which are numbered from 1-24. It’s kind of like a countdown til christmas cause everyday you open another door and they’re usually filled with small presents or sweets. We converted this idea into a free app – where you don’t get sweets but 24 different games for every day :)! We’re happy over every download, share and rating and we wish you a nice time ‚til the holidays :)!

Puppeteer Necromancer

Just a fun design :3


Going to publish some more sketches of mine here :)



Black King

So… Some years ago I painted this guy: king

Now I decided to give it another go… Here you go:


Pumpkin Concept

So… I believe this is the best I can manage right now… Due to my sickness still not a lot of updates, but nevertheless I’m pretty proud of this one :) I think I’m going to use this guy to work on a personal(?) project for now – until I get better :)

To be honest I had this character spooking in my head for a long time now – I think I’m finally satisfied with the design and also with the kind of style… The character has a story, I have no idea if I will be drawing it or not, but I will definitely draw some of the other chars too.