gamescom character contest

So, there was this contest… And I really had fun doing these two paintings, hope you like it :)! The theme was to work out a design which answers the question: „If the gamescom was a superhero or a game-character how would he/she look like? What would be their superpower?“

Knight of Justice

„The Knight of Justice was summoned through the gathering of thousands of souls which cherish a happy and friendly gaming community. He protects the community and pursues and bans anyone who endangers those ideals. Can also cut permanently the internet connection of very persistent evildoing individuals.“

Avaria the weather goddess
„Avaria – the gamescom weather goddess has the power to manipulate weather and temperature so the visitors are able to enjoy also a nice summer breeze during the convention.

She can also alter the temperatur for every visitor in the buildings to a comfortable level – so there is no need to worry about if it’s going to be too cold or too warm! She uses the skill also to cool down consoles and pcs so they will run smoothly!“

Lots of pics incoming!



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