Sci-fi stuff

This one was made after a faked request – a task at university.

Each one of us had to write a fake request and then we switched them with each other. Next step was to take reference photos and work with them.

The picture had to include: 1-3 persons, some kind of spaceship and the theme was sci-fi. My task was to create an image with two people facing each other like they were about to start a fight, behind them a spaceship which faces the viewer and looks threatening (with some kind of red laser) but takes on a neutral position (and it should take about 1/4 of the picture), the background was supposed to be some kind of futuristic city which is damaged (shall be shown through cracks in the walls etc.). The overall picture should not have a lot of saturated colours (guess I missed this point), it should look more grey and etc…

A funny approach, especially taking the pictures ;D


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