It’s supposed to be a birthday present for a very good friend of mine :) So the actual size of this picture are 5906x8354px at 300dpi. Buut as you know, I’m only uploading a smaller version because of the nice thing called art theft ^^‘

I had a lot of fun drawing this –  I started it about 2 months ago and today I finished it. I didn’t work on it for about a month since there was this contest and so much other stuff to think about… So now I had the chance to improve on small things like the lightning and colors etc. of which I had the chance to study the last weeks.

Since it’s a gift I drew a lot of things which are some kind of insider jokes for my friend and me – for example his favourite character is Samus, mine Fox. And the stage is our favourite :) And yeah I know Tingle is not supposed to be part of this stage but I had to implement him – as he looks like our old german teacher back in school xD As for the other characters… Well it would be much too personal to write down what the meaning of everything here is, so just enjoy it :D!

PS: A cookie for the one who can name all the things in here :D

No steps this time, just the sketch, because oh well – I just didn’t think about it ^^‘


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