People might know I’am a fan of Ian Irvine ;)

So here are my results for our Concept Art task we had to do over our christmas holidays. The task was to create a character for a fictionary RPG or Adventuregame (for example – Assassin’s Creed). The target audience would be between the age of 14 to 35 and the setting is oriental steampunk (mid/end 19 century) – you can say a mixture of Jules Verne, Indiana Jones and Arabian Nights.

We could choose from the following types:

a) Main character, Northafrican, early 30thies, typical hero/in or antihero, has a bionic limb – optional: a small magical animal as a sidekick. Has to bear resemblance to animals of the region

b) Robotguard of the king – optional: a vehicle in different angles

c) Antagonist, undead Minions which were brought to life through steampunk technology

We had to draw some abstract shapes from which we had to create the character (like in earlier mentioned drawings).

I chose a) because I thought the conditons seemded challenging (northafrican/bionic limb) :). Also I wanted to crate a real kickass-heroine, cause I think really cool female protagonist are a rare sight in videogames… Well here we go, this is M’lainte, the Bodyguard of the Princess with her companion Charon. I think I’ll post the story to the characters later, cause it’s a lot of text which I have to translate first xD


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