A collection of my recent partly unfinished works. Thought it would be nice to show something 2D-Art after all this 3D-Art-Spam ^^‘ I’m still struggeling a bit with this realism (NOT photorealism, know the difference) art style we need, so there is a study of a metal-paint-texture (quite cool to paint textures, if you know how – well I don’t x,D)… A ton of other unfinished textures slumber on my PC though… Think I put them all in one post – on another day xD Well I’m still not sure why it seems to be difficult to me to paint realistic, maybe it’s because I like organic forms more than even/straight forms. In my opinion buildings are the worst. They don’t look like buidlings from reality, cause I lack the patience to draw all those little details that make a building look „alive“. Well Sherlock, guess where the prob is xD *cough*

This is where I try at least to paint semi-realistic stuff. Semi-realistic meaning correct light and shadows and reflections and such stuff, and slowly moving forward to a realistic style :E

Wooooooooooooooork (((( ;°Д°))))

Ah, and because christmas is approaching I think this will be my wish Link! Cause you are never too old for lego :D!!



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