Soo…. I finally finished it! I think I have never spent this much time on a pic :X Worked on it hmmm… guess about 30hours (with breaks)… And in the end it has become a monster of a pic @__@ Dimensions are: 66x108cm, 300dpi – well yes I guess you could totally print it as a poster!

As a special bonus I added different states of progress for others and as well for myself to see how I could improve my workflow. In the steps it becomes clear that I had a lot of problems with the position of the right arm (I’m still not that satisfied)… I wasn’t quite sure of what to do with it. The same goes for the lance. In the end I had to correct a lot of the anatomy (legs and head)… That is what you get if you don’t do it right from the start – I got told ^^‘ Hope you enjoy!


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